NOTE: In order to complete motion visualization, you will need to have downloaded our software dashboard from our website here. You may also choose to purchase our calibration unit to assist in the motion visualization process.

1.   Setting Parameters

Open the educator dashboard and use the dropdown menu to select the lab you are running

The grayed-out boxes show preset information about how the module will collect data during your test.

Check the box next to "Timed Test" if you want to run the test for a specified amount of time.

Click apply configurations to save any changes you made.

Click next to continue.

2.   Pairing Module to Remote

Click "Pair New Remote", to connect your remote to the module.

Click "Test Paired Remotes" to confirm that your module and remote are connected.

Click "Exit Test Mode" before continuing to the next step.

Click next to continue.

3.   Calibrating the Module

Calibrate your module with the camera you are using.

Click next to continue.

4.   Running Your Trial

Now you can run your test. Learn more about running test on the module operation page.

5.   Selecting Output Options

Choose "Motion Visualization" from the list ofn radio buttons.

To confirm, click "Read Test".

Click next to continue.

6.   Launching Motion Visualization

Launching Elan/Java-Based Software to show graph and video.

7.   Erasing Trial Data

Erase data using the dashboard and click next to restart the process.