Module Operation

The EduForce Module is designed for use in the classroom, providing state-of-the-art motion data previously unobtainable through the use of stopwatches, photogates, and sonic rangers. Each of these devices has inherent limitations, by which, students are then limited in the exploration of physics concepts during their own personal experimentation.

The Module's electronics are encased in a silicon epoxy to resist high impacts, such as being dropped on the floor accidentally. The lightweight, compact design allows students the ability to mount Modules on a variety of existing classroom equipment. Instructors can also use a wide range of BFA designed holders, mounts, and equipment to more securely attach modules for use in, and out of, the classroom.

Module Measurements


Remote Operation

The Module pairs with the EduForce Remote to provide the user the ability to remotely start/stop data collection without physical contact with the module, reducing the amount of spurious motion imparted on the module during a trial. The Remote is equipped with an automatic time-out circuit (two (2) minutes from the last button activation) to prevent unnecessary battery drain. The Remote can also pair with iOS and Android video recording devices to simultaneously start/stop video and data recording to analyze trial data through SINC™ Technology. (See the SINC Technology User's Guide for details)

Remote Operation Overview