Lab 9 Rotational Energy Tier 3 Set-Up C (RE T3 C)


A string is wrapped around a wheel and axle, draped over a pulley, and attached to a hanging mass.  The potential energy of the hanging mass is converted into rotational kinetic energy of the wheel and axle.

This is the Lab 9 Tier 3 Set-Up “C” of four set-ups. Each setup has a different combination of hanging mass, torque arm for the string and starting height of the hanging mass.

Download file includes the Video (MP4), the trial’s Data Files (a .csv and matching .csvp file) editable Lab Sheet (MS Word) for student use, and the Teacher’s Guide (PDF) for the instructor.

Users (instructors and students) must also download the BioForce Analytics Dashboard in order to use the data files. The Dashboard is free to download and can be found under the Resources Tab>Software Dashboard. The Dashboard is Windows and Mac compatible.


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