School Bundle (75 Videos @ 33% off)

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The “School Bundle” is a 33% off coupon when you purchase at least seventy five (75) videos. You can choose to purchase all five set-ups (A-D plus the Challenge set-up), for all three (3) Tiers, for five (5) specific Labs. Or, you can mix and match any seventy five videos; either way the coupon code will discount those seventy five videos.

Regular price for 75 videos is $371.25. The coupon code will discount your cart by $121.30. Please note this coupon can not be combined with any other offer or coupon on a single order. The coupon can be used more than once by placing separate orders for each use.

To use the coupon, place at least 75 videos in your cart and use the code  SCHOOL  at checkout.

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