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Virtual Physics Labs

The Virtual Physics Lab videos are produced for the high school physics classroom; but can be used at all levels of instruction.  They can be viewed by the students to collect data which in turn can be used to complete a lab sheet. A model lab sheet is included with every lab. You can use this lab sheet, edit it, or create your own to match your teaching style.  The videos are short (usually around 3 minutes) to preserve teaching time.  You can introduce the video ahead of time as you would do in the classroom, assign them as homework, or make them available to your students who were absent or need reinforcement of the lab. 

Sample of a Tier 1 Lab

Inclined Plane Lab

Sample of a Tier 2 Lab

Level Pulley Lab

There are three different tiers available: Tier 1 gives the data and explains what each value represents. 

Tier 2  gives the data but does not explain what it represents. 

Tier 3 shows the data being collected but does not give the values. 

The EduForce™ Module used in the video works with the EduForce Dashboard to produce the graphs shown in the videos.  As an additional teaching option, students may download the Dashboard for free from the site and analyze the data set provided in Tier 3 labs. 

We hope that these videos will help you in leading your virtual classes this year.

If you would like to see a demonstration of Tier 3 and Challenge videos, contact us, and we will send you the zip files for download at no charge!

EduForce Modules

A remote-activated motion data collection device that provides numerical and graphical outputs…

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SINC Technology

Using any cell phone (no app needed), automatically combine your video with module data…

...moving your physics demonstrations and analysis to a new level

Expand Your Classroom

Virtually “infinite” range. High-Speed data capture. More motion data: linear, rotational, and positional.

Investigate rocket launches

...angular momentum…

…the opportunities are endless

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