Software Dashboard

Begin using your module today

The Software Dashboard (“Dashboard”) is your connection with the module. Configuring the module, reading data, launching your graphs, and SINC ™ Technology all begin here. Use the Education Dashboard for simple, single-click steps or dive deep with the Advanced Dashboard. Just like the module, the Dashboard is easy to use and easy to understand. One click is all it takes. The Dashboard checks your computer for compatibility, downloads the programs you’ll need, and sets up the Dashboard on your desktop.

You’re just one click away from a whole new way to “Do” and “See” Physics.


The Education Dashboard lets you start running labs right out of the box. Follow the easy to understand Step-by-Step instructions, based on which lab you want to run.

Ready to challenge yourself and dive deeper into “doing” and “seeing” more physics? Use the Advanced Dashboard.


Take full control of the Dashboard and module settings. Create your own test parameters to adjusting the module for your specific trial conditions. Select pre-formatted output options, select from general one or two module templates, or use the templates as the basis for your own analysis.