Analyze physics applications in the classroom

Features and Benefits

If it moves, you can measure it!™

Durable and Virtually Indestructible

The circuit board is encased in silicon epoxy. It’s able to withstand shocks up to 10,000 g’s, surviving classroom “accidents” if dropped or mishandled.

Direct Attachment to object(s) in motion; the Possibilities are Nearly Limitless

The Module can directly attach to nearly any surface, including existing lab equipment, to capture data for whatever is in motion, so there’s no reliance on line-of-sight readings. The Module’s motion measurement equipment is self-contained, so it’s not tethered to a computer. This freedom gives you nearly limitless potential so that … if you moves, you can measure it!

Easy to Use

Set trial parameters.
Collect data.
Download data.

9 Degrees of Freedom (9 DOF)
to Bring Labs to Life

Motion measurement in all three dimensions coupled with orientation using three different sensors –all in one package– data provides an accuracy that couldn’t previously be captured in the classroom. Data is not limited to linear movement and rotation though; the magnetometer provides an alternative method for measuring and analyzing motion through magnetic field strength.

Continuous Data

Data is collected during the entire trial, not just “snapshots” of data. Sample rates of nearly 1000 samples per second provide a clearer picture of what is happening during the trial. With the continuous stream of data and flexibility of mounting configurations, the EduForce Module allows students to capture motion data like never before.

SINC Technology for More “Real-World” Understanding

SINC Technology allows students to record trials with any Video Recording Device, including smartphones; and through the EduForce™ Dashboard, automatically merge the video and data graphing output. Students can watch a replay of their trial, with the data overlaid on the video, to see where real-life variations cause a change in data. SINC Technology allows students a path to critical thinking. It allows them to see the trial run against their data so they can analyze their methodology and correct errors in conducting the trial.

Taking Your Labs to the Next Level!

Pendulum Lab

Goal: Determine the relationship between acceleration and position for an object in simple harmonic motion.

Materials: EduForce Module, pendulum

How much energy can you generate while pumping on a swing? How do you get the greatest bat speed? How will you get your students into the swing of Physics?

Inclined Plane Lab

Goal: Determine the relationship between force and acceleration.

Materials: EduForce Module, inclined plane

Analyze your motion as you slide down the ski slope, or drop into a half pipe. How will you take this lab to the next level?

Momentum Lab

Goal: Observe the Law of Conservation of Momentum.

Materials: 2 EduForce Modules, 2 carts/gliders, 1 track

Strap on a Module as you get tackled. Use your Module on bumper cars. Attach a Module to yourself while jumping on a trampoline. Imagine the collisions you can analyze.